Hailey Young
Hailey is a beautiful girl with a slender body, she works as a professional model and an adult entertainer. She entered the adult movie scene as a pretty young actress and has risen to stardom receiving AVN Miss Nude Porn Internet award for 2007. Originally from Florida, living in Las Vegas Nevada, USA.
For the last shoot of the day we got Hailey to walk down to a newsstand to buy a magazine. She started on the boulevard of broken dreams next to the Egyptian theater. There were quite a few people around. As soon as we started everyone with a camera descended near us to take pictures. At times it got so crowded around us we had a hard time getting near to take our pictures. The guy selling the magazines had fun with us and was a good sport.
Throughout our adventure, we find ourselves shooting in some of the same locations many of Hollywood’s movies and television series are shot in. As you browse the pictures and watch the videos, you are certain to recognize a few.
U.S.C. 2257